Lynn Jeffers MD, MBA


The Tank: Plastic Surgery Innovation Challenge 34015

Friday, October 28 4:30-5:30 p.m. BCEC, 253ABC
Medical Programming


  • Academic Affairs Council
  • ASPS Emerging Trends Subcommittee
  • ASPS Past Presidents
  • ASPS Trustees
  • ASPS/PSF Board of Directors
  • BIA-ALCL Subcommittee
  • BIA-ALCL Surgeon to Surgeon Network
  • COI Disclosure Review Group - BOD
  • Healthcare Delivery Subcommittee
  • International Academic Plastic Surgery Alliances
  • International Subcommittee
  • Legislative Advocacy Committee
  • Presidential Line and Trustees
  • Quality Accreditation Program Investigation Task Force
  • Task Force on NC SOP
  • Technology, Innovation & Disruption Committee
  • Training Session for New Ethics Committee, Judicial Council and Trustees Members
  • Wound Care Task Force